Sunday, June 13, 2010

Location 2 Mojave Desert Tea House

Mojave Desert Ground Wave Emergency Network Tea House

Goffs California WWII Desert Training Camp Tea House

Mojave Desert Minimalist Tea House

Government Holes California Rock Tea House with Hanta Virus

Mojave-Landers California Area Tea House

Twentynine Palms California Tea House

Joshua Tree California Tea House

Rhyolite Nevada Tea House

Buckman Wells New Mexico Somewhat Radioactive Pumping Station Tea House

Randsburg California Tea House

Bombay Beach (Salton Sea) California Tea House with Abandoned Trailer

Salton Sea California Tea House

Antelope Valley California N-3942 Tea House

Santa Monica California Triple Tea Housen

Lost City Nevada Partially Buried Tea House

Mojave Desert 'AZY Tea House

El Torro California Abandoned Military Base Tea House

La Sal Utah Tea House

Salton Sea California Cabana Style Tea House

Salton Sea Weather Station-type Tea House

Hinkley California Split Duplex Tea House

Joshua Tree 29 Palms Area Tea House

Southern California Roadside Solar Cabinet-style Tea House

Antelope Valley California Cabinet-style Tea House

Goffs California Desert Training Camp Tea Housen (19th C. and 20th C. models)

Four Corners Solar Tea House (Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico)

Borrego Springs California Tea House (Former model)

Borrego Springs California Tea House (Remodeled)

Several years later, more satellite dishes appeared.